Monday, 14 January 2013

Apex and Leuniey ceremony in KL Lively!

Last night it all ended the bridegroom reception Khairul Fahmi Che Mat (Apex) and his wife Natasha Leuneiy.

A reception held at the Pearl Ballroom, Hotel Royal Bintang, Damansara last night themed style English.

Citing Malaysiadigest report, the council initially began as early as 7.30 pm it looks rather bland, but then turned lively.

About 9 pm, the bridegroom arrived. Both the bride imposing white fashion design famous fashion designer, Ezuawan Ismail.

Because of the English-style theme, it could be the reason why there is no beating drums.
In fact there is no accompanying songs and bridegroom towards the dais.

Hence it was among the guests are not aware of the presence of both the bride until it was on the dais.
Interestingly, Mayor Beatles sang to shock with Little Memories (Samson) for the couple's two pair.

Besides, other singers also perform is like Hazama, Dina Nazir and Adibah Noor.
Kuza actor chosen as' Princess of the Night ', while the title "Prince of the Night' of football players, Wan Zack Haikal. They are among the guests who come up with the most beautiful clothing and be with your wedding theme.

Some of the celebrities in attendance like Mustafa Kamal and his wife Susan Menon, Linda and her husband Syed Aiman ​​lecturers, Marsha, Sharifah Sakinah, Danny X-Factor and Fizo Omar. Wan Zack Haikal Also seen, Fadhli Shas and friends Young Tigers A Team others.

Looking back, Apex and Leuniey began a relationship after they met while involved in advertising perfume 'Eau De Parfum SimplySiti' of the famous singer, Datuk Taruddin Beatles, earlier this year.

Once a relationship for a few months, they married on December 28, 2012 with a single utterance.
The wedding ceremony took place at Leuniey residence in New Town saw the men's group also presented a dowry dowry also worth RM19, 000.

Here are photos of a reception held yesterday ..





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