Thursday, 24 January 2013

Apparently There's also Rock Scissors Paper Competition

In many, many sporting events, there is apparently no direct competition requires stamina, strength or agility. Waiaupun so, its athletes still powerfully built and muscular. If you want to know, this is competition or Rock Paper Scissors Rock Paper Scissors (BPS).

Paper Scissors Stone or known as o-som in the Malay community is a handheld game between two or more persons. It is very popular.

The game is often used for random selection. Just like tossing a coin and dice it does not require any material except as determinants losing hand and win according to the law of logic. Although so simple and childish said, this ancient game has been turned into a major title.

Starting in 2002, the Association of Scissors Paper Stone World or World Rock Paper Scissors Society (WRPSS) was formed to organize this championship. The organization is also responsible for developing and agreeing a standard set of rules for competition o-som internationally.

WRPSS also set to play the same way as any normal game o-som. There are three hand signals in the competition. Stone - show of hands in grasping. Scissors - straight index finger and the middle, while the other fingers clenched. Paper - open arms.

The purpose of this hand signal is to beat the opponent. Rules, rock beat scissors, scissors beat paper and paper beat rock. If both players output the same signals, then the game should be repeated. The player who won five times in advance will be the winner.

Since WRPSS make it as an annual world championship, competitive tournament has drawn the attention of participants from around the world and the international media. Pertana League was held in the United States in 2004, won by Lee Rmmage. The game is deceptively simple, but it is actually more of a conflict, strategy and psychology.

Although athletes WRPS not require prolonged physical training and strict diet discipline, most professional athletes in the league has a robust and healthy physique. This might sound funny, but it is a reality that can be seen in the playoffs.

And one thing for sure is that we apparently share the same game with the rest of the world's population. Even o-som long considered the only game time childhood actually ancient heritage.

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