Monday, 14 January 2013

Assad Army persecuted Teens To Die

Life of the people in the country are not safe anymore Syria when the Assad regime increasingly widespread military violence against the population in some areas of Syria.

Every day, there will be civilians being killed and tortured brutally.It's even worse when the target groups to be killed by a cruel regime that is in the children and adolescents.

Ever before, NewsOn7 presents a story of a child, Marwa Adil Bahar dead slaughtered by Bashar Asad regime to cut off the child's head.


Muslim life there is not peaceful, and always feared the military presence Assad not to mention often heard gunshots and bullets and bombs in various places.

Below is a video found in association with Assad soldiers captured by the FSA fighters. This video displays the behavior of the Assad forces are terrorizing a young man to death.

Offense if committed by young men, nor is it known that he mistreated in such a way.They never have the fear of God given the consideration due to their wrong actions.In the video, they produce harsh words to the youth including personal insult Rasulallah SAW and Allah SWT

May Allah protect the Muslims there and let us all pray that their lives change one day. In shaa Allah.

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