Sunday, 13 January 2013

Facebook Users Need to Pay Send Message

NEW YORK - Networking social networking site Facebook is now testing a system to charge users to send messages to their friends who are not in the group of users.

The social networking site yesterday confirmed the new service trial has begun, but only a small number of Facebook users have access to that charged for sending messages directly.

At this time, each user can send messages to other users for free. However, if it is not sent to a friend or friends of friends, the message will go to another file recipient. It described Facebook as 'place of the less important messages', which was introduced in 2010.

However, this new service offers direct access to the box, provided the sender is willing to pay a fee.

Facebook was originally highlighted the idea of ​​charging for message delivery before Christmas, when it was suggested that service is charged U.S. $ 1 (RM3) for each message transmission. - Daily Mail

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