Sunday, 13 January 2013

Five Brothers convoy to Work Ending Tragedy

Convoy of five brothers to work ending heartbreaking tragedy when two of whom died after the motorcycle ridden truck crashed into the back of the damaged in the emergency lane, at Kilometre 276.2, North-South Expressway (Plus) towards the south, here, yesterday.

In the incident at 8:10 am that morning, the two victims were believed to be Indonesia's motorcycle ride Suzuki Shogun 120, died at the scene due to severe head injury.

Sources said the victim's sister more heartbreaking known as Yasir, 20's, which is in front of shocked once saw his sister thrown through the side mirror motorcycle boarded seen wailing and hugging the body.

A police spokesman said the man known as Suhar victim, 32, is believed to work contract KALIPUCANG River, here, while his wife, Rina Nigfih, 30's, the Shah Alam plant operator, from Yogyakarta.

"The two victims from Kapar, Klang heading KALIPUCANG River, Seremban, on the way to her workplace. - Metro

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