Saturday, 19 January 2013

It May Not Joking Because Fear!

London - diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a woman suffering from pain from time to time on his shoulders just as a simple body movements.

According to Lauren, Harry, on a particular day can sendinya sprain by 10.

Among other things, said Lauren, 20, it occurs due to sneezing or terhenjut in the vehicle due to brake suddenly.

Just last week, he had to go get emergency treatment in hospital four times.

Doctors believe, Lauren have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome that causes collagen woman was too weak to make sure her body was in the right place.

Lauren from Wrexham, Wales said he had pain in his legs at the age of 11 years but thought it was a common problem due to the growth process.

"At the age of 15, I fell cause shoulder injury.

"Since then, my shoulders and other joints, including the knees and fingers, often sprain," he said.

Circumstances cause he failed to finish their education at the U.S..

He added that so far he underwent five separate surgeries in Lancashire Wrightington Hospital, to give stability to the shoulder.

However, he said, the problem still persists.

"I sprained shoulder 10 times a day because I was coughing, sneezing or accidentally stepped on something," he said.

Lauren who is now working as an employee of a fast food restaurant in Chester said recently all sprained finger place to open the door to work.

At home, he also can not joking with her siblings for fear of experiencing pain due to sprains.

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