Saturday, 19 January 2013

Men Pay $ 13,000 To Wife Because one kiss

Saudi Arabia - You would not mind if he has to pay $ 100,000 to buy a home or withdraw money of $ 10,000 for advance payment to buy a car.But are you willing to pay $ 13,000 just for a kiss?

The price to be paid by a man in Saudi Arabia to his wife for forgiveness from the woman on `kegatalannya own '.Pandemonium all her kissing with her ​​maid from Ethiopia.His daughter reported six-year-old man was seen kissing their maids, and inform the mother.

The woman was almost called the police to report the incident, but were prevented by their neighbors.Following that a solution has been sought between the spouses, and finishing, the man must pay $ 13,000 to his wife.

In the same time, he can only hire a maid, aged 50 years and above only.Initial reports say the man and the maid Ethiopia had an affair, but his relatives said they did not have any relationship.

Only just kissing.

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