Monday, 14 January 2013

The veil Gets Driving License

Lancashire - A war hero who lost both legs and his right arm due to a bomb blast in Afghanistan celebrate success after passing the driving test on the first attempt.Dave Watson, 26, is facing death when he stepped on a mine during patrol.

However, this week, former soldiers off the plate 'L' him after passing the exam by doing only three minor offenses.Watson of Walton-le-Dale, Lancashire, 38 underwent practical training in three months with modified Range Rover Sport car and now have a full driving license."I can go anywhere I want and I can be more independent," he said.Modified cars that have the special box on the driver's seat, where Watson put his right hand.

He refused to braking and pulling back to move the car. There is also a small handlebars on the steering wheel, which also has a pointer button, windshield wiper and light.

Watson who is currently waiting to undergo another surgery, to have people next to while driving. But, after the last surgery, he can drive alone.According to him, he takes a short time for skilled driving impaired.

"I was among them. I'm not nice to sit there and read but I can do practically. "I continue to go out upon his return from the test and resolve matters relating to insurance. I drove to my grandmother's house, bring my sister, her friend and then to the home of a friend to menziarahnya before he left for Australia, "he said. - Daily Mail

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