Sunday, 3 February 2013

Employee Fired For Working Comes Too Early

A teenager, Sam Green Jeffries (15 years), immediately got up to do his job as a newspaper vendor. 6:45 hour he starts cycling, throwing newspapers in front of the loyal customers.

Part-time work is done Sam before leaving for school.

One day, the mother of Sam, Green Jeffries got a call letter from the Office of Child Labour in the Worcestershire County Council. He was surprised to have a stern warning, for allowing Sam to work 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time.

"I have to educate my children to work hard and appreciate during this age. I do not want their future to be like teenagers nowadays can only create problems for the family and others ... "

But the law still forbids Sam to work before 7:00 am hour. Sam started work early, because if he starts work at 7:00, he'll be late for school.

He was fired for the start of work 15 minutes early.

Although dismissed, Sam was awarded outstanding performance by Neil Jagger, Director of Operations Mail Newspaper

Sam has started work since 2008 again, his employer really love craft shown by Sam and Sam because many customers prefer light heartiness and bones.

Many customers ask Sam who eventually objection to the Labour Office, asking that the law be reassessed and adapted to life. They argue, Sam will give an example and for the other children his age; work hard, appreciate your time and discipline.

City Hall finally consider doing a review of the decision will only be made at the end of 2012 or 2013.

Here is a law that must be followed for children who want to work:

1) Every company that employs a child under 16 should be aware of the laws of Child Labour.

2) Only children kanakberusia 13 years and above were allowed to work and have been endorsed by the local chief (If in Malaysia such as the village head)

3) Children should prove kesihatanya status of the hospital.

4) Children are only allowed to work between the hours of 7.00 am to 9.00 pm and they deserve a summer vacation for 2 weeks.

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