Friday, 15 February 2013

Malaysia Girls 'Exploded' After Her face appeared to K-pop singer

For the fans of K-Pop certainly excited about this story.

A girl in our country have a way analogous to the famous South Korean singer named Yoona.

Yoona, 23, is a member of the group Girls Generation.

It is understood the number of 'followers' girl called Rabiatul Afifah on Twitter page continues to increase up to 21.000 after his face is said to resemble Korean singer said shindig.

Wow, truly wonderful handlers Yoona yes!


If there are indeed some similarities observed between the two of them, especially in the eyes!

Yes, our state has a similar seven faces are like us. Not impossible right?

Who is more beautiful in your opinion?


  1. the malay rather has a bigger nose.

    1. Yes, but both of them have similar face.. So cute.. ^_^