Monday, 4 February 2013

Refusal to Treat Gossip Razak Salwa dime

PETALING JAYA - Singer Salwa Razak refused to entertain cheap gossip or stories associated with it unpleasant to focus on his music career.

Salwa real name, Salwa Md Razak, 28, said he wanted to forget all black story ever recorded in his life during artiste and start a new life.

"Before this I was depressed when various gossip that hit me and do not know how to defend myself, but I now realize it has helped make me a more mature person.

"All the stories that have happened I do not want to remember that this year my focus is on art career," he told Published Online.

Salwa, previously known by the name of Salwa Arrora popular through songs Ahmad decided to change its name as one of the steps for re-introducing its name in the field of art.

In addition to charges of cohabitation crisis Salwa also warm when family ties with her boyfriend, former member of the group Max: 247, Fairuz Mohd Shaari (Alloi) great saying.

In the meantime, Salwa who will appear in his first film, cut 14, said he never thought of leaving the world singing instead the two branches of art will go hand in hand.

Salwa said, besides singing and acting she also wants to try other areas such as hosting if given the chance.

"The year 2013 was for me to explore a variety of things that may not be aware of my own can do it, but the field remains a priority of my singing besides acting," he said.

Meanwhile, the Salwa said, pounding her waiting audience's reaction to her role in the film cut 14 and hope it will accepted.

Salwa clear he hoped appearances in film direction Uppal Arjin would open up more space to it in the field.

Salwa was told she also will appear with new single titled New Life in March was busy in some other drama filming location for RTM releases.

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