Sunday, 20 January 2013

Adi Putra Willing Physical Change Because Of Film

KUALA LUMPUR - Singapore Actor, Adi Putra acknowledged willing to make changes for the successful physical character in the film receives.

Adi real name Putra Mohamed Hadi, 32, said the principles he stood for because of the impact of a film from drama television (TV) is a great and lasting as art archives.

"The film will be watched by a wider audience group. In fact, the more detailed levels of production and greater visual impact.

"So I am willing to change the physical or whatever to meet the needs of a given character," he said.

Adi said that detailed preparations are proper and appropriate than a commitment to a TV drama.

"If for TV drama manufacturing process is simpler and move.

"There's no time for preparation was very includes significant physical changes.

"Most can I'll try to apply throwing techniques varieties through voice or body gestures," he said.

About acting, Adi said he was still tied up in filming the drama series Love as warm up tomorrow.

"In addition to Asmara as warm drama to be aired from tomorrow, I will appear in a few films this year, including Ballistics, Langgar, KL Gangster 2 and drift," he said.

33-episode drama series will be screened from tomorrow, on Monday through Wednesday, 10 pm at Astro Mustika HD (channel 134). - Published Online

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