Sunday, 20 January 2013

Easily Annoyed When Pregnant

KUALA LUMPUR - Actor Izreen Azminda feel weird to have unusual habit of lively without reason in the early stages of her pregnancy.

Azminda Izreen owner's full name Aznam, 28, said, however, that bad attitude brought under control and gradually disappear after three months pregnant.

"I do not know why always up the ghost during early pregnancy before? There just is not right in my eyes and quick-tempered.

"Perhaps the unstable hormonal factors but alhamdulillah bad attitude is getting lost because I can control (anger) lately," he told Published Online.

Izreen now pregnant with her ​​first child marriage results cameraman Baharudin Muhd Riza, 30, on August 30 last year.

Asked about the experience of getting pregnant for the first time, Izreen said she was thankful for not suffering from severe allergies or crave.

Izreen will start a long break to focus on their baby starting early March.

"Thank God my husband and I are very pleased with this content. Now into its fourth month, I feel comfortable and not suffer severe allergies or crave.

"I'm still actively working on two sets now filming the drama as warm and Tanggang Ayu Asmara," he said.

Add Izreen, he had to work hard during this long break as far as possible before starting early March.

"While still tired let me work to collect money. Will begin early March I will rest continue until the expected delivery date of July.

"However, I am always very careful and very tough on site. I must finish filming before 12 pm the night because the body easily tired lately, "he said.

Izreen said he also had to reject a lot of acting offers following significant changes in the physical possession of large content.

Recent, dramatic acting as warm as Asmara will begin airing on January 21, every Monday to Wednesday at 10 pm on Astro Mustika HD (channel 134). - Published Online

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