Sunday, 20 January 2013

Chicken Archery Traditions Cruel!

Newest in the past few days, a video was uploaded on Youtube.

Rumored festival organizer in northern China have held a by offering visitors the chance to live chicken archery arrows!

The birds will be suspended with legs tied up in front of the ice wall "Jilin Ice Festival" in Yanji.

Tourists are given the opportunity to take pictures while the poor chicken for those who want to triathlons and archery activities can continue the immoral activities.

Some chickens were left injured in pain when amateur archers failed to kill it.

Despite getting a lot of obstacles from some quarters, but the organizers have defended the event, saying "This game is very popular and people loved it."

"We plan to do it again next year and the chicken did not waste it all (chicken) can be eaten later.

"All the birds in the farm animals will die. What should be puzzled if it is an arrow or ax?, "The individual is not humane.

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