Sunday, 20 January 2013

Professional burglars Dig Tunnel

Germany - A group of robbers managed to dig three tunnels penetrate thick concrete door under land owned by a bank in Berlin and fled cash and other valuables worth £ 10 million.

The robber is believed to dig tunnels in the bank Volksbank, a few weeks ago.

They started the excavation work began with a locked room rented using false names.

Work was done in a professional criminal, and they then burn tunnel was made to remove all evidence including fingerprints and equipment used to break into.

The tunnel is dug up to 4.5 feet and 3 feet wide and supported by many pieces of wood to prevent it collapsing.

It dug using a silent drill, so that no one is aware of it Pung.

An estimated 100 deposit box containing jewelry and cash broken in the incident.

So far, police can not be sure how many people are involved with the robbery, but authorities believe a professional robber was hired to do the work.

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