Sunday, 20 January 2013

Men Try Maternity Pain

Holland - Two Dutch news presenter Dennis Storm and Valerio Zena want to feel the pain experienced by the air when giving birth.

For this purpose they allowed the simulated merasaikan pain, but as a result, the two men were only able to survive for two hours.

They described the pain inflicted as a punishment.

Storm and Zena expose them to do the test for merasaikan childbirth experience after hearing that it was the most painful in the world.

Even when installing the tool, Zena could ask the nurse "Do you feel this pain will make me scream,".

Questions are answered by nurses 'yes, sure'.

Even when installing the tool, both trying to joke and laugh, but their faces show the real pain they experience.

What he experienced, the Zena now think twice about having a child because we are unwilling to see his wife in pain during labor.

Zena and Storm, however, is not the first man to try to feel the pain.

In 2009, Dr. Andrew Rochford through the same experience for the TV program, What's Good for You.

Two hours later, face Rochford almost colored blue while he was living in misery.

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