Sunday, 3 February 2013

Beautiful singer Indonesia's More Famous In Malaysia

Indonesia new singer, Shae (the picture) considers allegations that he is less known in the home country than in the country as issues that do not need to worry about.

Shae or full name Sheryl Gething, 19, said he found a place and still accept the offer in the republic's even less than a year involved in singing.

"I believe in a thing (less acceptable) occurs with some reason.'s Right, my name is quite small and slow in my country but I have real progress.

"Opportunities (singing) is still there and the fans began to accept me. Not much difference whether popular in any country," he said.

The singer who is popular with the song Love is saying, he would think about careers over trivial issues such as popularity.

"I ventured into this field because of a love for art. Whatever happens, whether or not widely accepted am glad.

"It is important to strengthen the name of the hard work and career. I do not see a scale (popularity) but fans of acceptance of my music," he said.

Singer bloody cross Australia (father), and Riau (mother), said good acceptance among the people of this country work hard predicate of the recording company Warner Music Malaysia.

"I want to thank Warner team here who work hard to promote me until more is known here.

"I want to continue to learn to create their own songs because no chance to make their own songs in the first album," he said of the new launched an album titled The First, recently.

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