Sunday, 3 February 2013

Plant Life In Bottle Closed Over 40 Years Ago!

If seen nothing special in its own plant to plant by old man in the big bottle. However, crops in an airtight bottle is actually 40 years old and only once it had watered all his life until now.

David Latimer, conducting experimental crops called Tradescantia back in the 60s again. He then sprinkles the water for the first time also the last time it grew in 1972.

After 40 years had passed, he did not think that the crop is able to survive with just rely on sunlight alone. It is said the process of photosynthesis to produce oxygen which then produce water droplets serve as rain in the bottle.

"I put this bottle 6 feet near the window to get some sunlight. Plants that grow grow towards the sun, "said David.

'I never membentukkanya and it seems to have reached the height of the bottle' ..

Experiments performed by David attract farmers and the public once she gets media attention from the BBC.

They are trying to study how the bottle can be used as an example is interesting that the plant can develop its own ecosystem to continue to survive.

Maybe after this many may try to plant their own plants in isolation bottle as David did other hydroponic crop that is already known.

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