Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Fathia Latiff Seize Love People?

More stories about seizing the rights of women artists. They admit themselves that they are in fact being solo while there is a commitment to one person.

The latest, citing the Messenger, an emerging actress Fathia Latiff said being in love relationship with a man. Warmer, the man is a lover of popular actress.

However, Fathia vehemently denied the allegations.

"Frankly Fathia heart now is still not enamored with any of the men. Fathia comfortable moving solo and want a lover not intend for the time being.

"Besides, how can people say Fathia seized the actress boyfriend while Fathia people off, do not even have to do with their previous love affair," he said.

He added, that's why he does not want to fast melatah with the wild gossip.

"Really, direct Fathia never know. Actually, does not make sense if people outside this range Fathia suddenly implicated as a cause of their separation.

"How funny, just because there is no direct relationship because we never met, let alone speak," he said.

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