Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Advertise Beans Gangnam Appears In America

Apparently, Style Gangnam phenomenon is still not out of date and now, a nut commercials also use Psy as the face for their ad, 'Wonderful pistachios'.

This advertisement was first broadcast on Super Bowl game recently, which saw jutaaan American futbol fans watching the ads.

Can be seen, Psy dancers dancing with nuts and original lyrics Oppa Style Gangnam Gangnam also transformed into Crackin Style.

What is more interesting is that this ad uses the tagline, "Psy does it and we all go nuts. Wonderful pistachios. Get Crackin '.

And yes, this video was recorded almost 1 million views after 2 days uploaded on Youtube website.

Let's watch the video 'Wonderful pistachios' after this.

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