Friday, 8 February 2013

Hot FM Expose Expressions Hearts Shila Amzah

Hot FM radio station, this morning, the singer managed to publish the latest disclosure, Shila Amzah to the entire country of the expressions of sorrow to the problem that occurred between her and her lover, Sharnaaz Ahmad.

Footage taken from the Youtube site uploaded by Shila own but after the footage aired at about 9:50 am, the video which also featured singing Shila Love waves and singing Hafiz Adira deleted and it can not be opened.

shila 2

In the tape, which she belted Shila also greatly misses his mother and father.

"I apologize for what happened a few weeks. I also missed my mom and dad, "he said.

Conflicts around a few weeks ago happened when the desire Sharnaaz, 27, to marry Shila, 23, rejected by his father, ND Lala.

More muddy conditions when Sharnaaz effort to reconcile an impasse because ND Lala does not want to communicate with Sharnaaz.

It is understood, Shila now being alone in a place to find peace without family or Sharnaaz.

Shila pity ..

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  1. benda pasal cinta nie kecik jew ...jangan sampai buang family , cinta boleh di carik family x leh maen tukar ganti ....khidupan dunia nie nilai hanya macam sayap nyamuk ..belajralah membuang perasaan sayang yg ujud sebelum ada ikkatan yg sah )