Friday, 8 February 2013

Hans Isaac Chance Together With Neelofa

The mother of famous actor and host, Neelofa said she always prayed for her that she found dating to the righteous and chosen in order to guide him and can be a good leader for his family.

Citing reports from entertainment portal Murai, Kartini Noor Mohamed Noor said, "If jodohnya with Hans Isaac, though, time to Neelofa still long to get married. He resolved some ended his bachelor days at the age of 27 years and in the past three years we do not know what will happen ".

Neelofa, 24, had earlier talked with the director and actors love handsome, Hans Isaac, however, deny the love affair between the two.

Hopefully with the blessing given by mother Neelofa open your heart to be honest about his status to date.

Ages are now all aware fans no longer like before. They already know how to evaluate.

Even artists who are interested in pairs, they do not mind as long as the artist is talented and clean from controversy.

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