Thursday, 7 February 2013

Missing All Teeth Consequences of Carbonated Drinks

Australia - New age of 25, but a man lost all his teeth. It's pandemonium addiction to carbonated beverages.

Practically every day William Kennewell drink six to eight liters of carbonated water, especially Coke.

Despite the warning given by the dentist, but the hotel staff took no notice until his teeth started to deteriorate one by one.

Addiction to soft drinks also cause he almost suffered blood poisoning due to tooth decay.

"I am a normal man have teeth but now it had to be removed and had to wear dentures.

"I was addicted to these sugary drinks after work in the hospitality industry. It facilitates my access to Coke, "he said.

The problem of addiction to carbonated beverages has caused health experts against Australia conducted a study to provide awareness to the young people to avoid the drink.

According to senior researcher, Dr Jason Armfield, he has conducted a study of 16.800 children in Australia.

The survey found that 56 percent of those aged five to 16 years and carbonated sugary drink every day.

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