Friday, 8 February 2013

Tasha Shila Admit Now Have Love

Actress, Tasha Shila is often associated love with men from the VIP.

But every time the question is asked, he would avoid.

However, through Rotikaya, today, the actor who had been named as Newcomer Women Popular on Popular Star Award 2011 (Baiturrahman) have now admitted that he had known lover of the past six years.

Tasha finally admits too. But according to him, the man who managed to capture the hearts Tasha is not of VIP or artist.

"Tasha does not like to make friends with the guy working the same field with Tasha, if one can not avoid," he said.

Anyway, at least he's admitted having her lover.

If you see him with men after this, they will keep digosipkan not alone.

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