Saturday, 2 February 2013

Unplug Teeth To Look More Handsome Future

In South Africa, you will be categorized as the handsome, macho and masculine if you dare remove the front teeth and left unattended .. The trend is said to be well-known among the present boys who want to look handsome, handsome and desirable woman even said such trends has endured since almost 60 years.

Strange culture that still continues among teenage boys in South Africa is in fact already known and lasted for more than 60 years ago ..

Men who remove the front teeth are said to be categorized as a man who really handsome and masculine.

"This is fashion, everyone is doing it," said Yazeed Adams, aged 21 years. He looks handsome and imposing style of clothing and hip hop style hat with the 'appearance' of the hollow's front teeth.

A researcher from the University of Cape Town did a study about this unique culture and strange-called Cape Flats Smile. Jacqui Friedling to the conclusion that this phenomenon is thought to occur as a result of peer pressure and gangsterism in Africa.

This trend was initially pioneered by the tribes that lived in the interior before ramaja-modern teenager living in Cape Town also do it to look more masculine and handsome.

Do not be surprised if the doctors there said to confess teeth get requests to disconnect the front teeth almost every week by men who want to look handsome as it is said strange phenomenon was able to impress the ladies!

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