Saturday, 2 February 2013

WSJ China Cyber ​​Army Hackers Attacked

Hackers from China have infiltrated the computer systems Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the second attack reported in major news outlets United States (U.S.) report.

The Journal said the hackers are trying to monitor coverage in China.

The New York Times reported that Chinese hackers "continuous" system penetrates past four months.

Beijing has been accused by a number of governments and corporations in carrying out cyber espionage for years.

However, China's Foreign Ministry rejected accusations the New York Times as "baseless" and "totally irresponsible".

"China is also a victim of hacking attacks. Chinese law clearly prohibits hacking attacks, and we hope the relevant parties take a responsible attitude on this issue," said spokesman Hong Lei.

WSJ publisher, Dow Jones & Co., issued a statement on Thursday said the hacking attacks related to coverage of China is "an ongoing issue."

"Evidence suggests that efforts to target infiltration China Journal coverage monitoring, and not an attempt to gain commercial advantage or harm customer information," a spokesman for the newspaper.

"We will continue to work closely with authorities and external security experts, to take comprehensive measures to protect our customers, employees, journalists and sources," she quoted the BBC report.

WSJ said, had finished repairing the network to enhance security.

Meanwhile, the New York Times said the attack on the system in accordance with the report of the investigation into the allegations that the family of Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao has amassed a fortune of billions of dollars.

It said experts have found that the attack "from the same university computer used by the Chinese military to attack U.S. military in the past."

Beijing has been accused by some governments, foreign corporations and organizations conduct extensive cyber espionage for years, trying to gather information and to control the image of China.

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